Financing Events

The events that drive business decisions

Businesses have come to count on PNC Business Credit as a consistent and reliable source of working capital through good and bad economies, in a variety of scenarios. Whatever your business, whatever challenges and opportunities you are facing, we deliver optimum levels of finance to power your success. Explore our expertise and success in each of the financing events below.

With the right acquisition, you can achieve an enduring competitive advantage. Dominate your industry. Expand to new territory. Or enter the global market. If you are already strong and have some capital to put to work, it's time to make your move.

The key is to maximize every dollar of debt in relation to the amount of equity you have to work the deal. And that requires a lending solution that doesn't penalize growth; one that is short on restrictions and lets you adapt quickly in a dynamic business climate. You need a lender that can also support concepts like mezzanine financing and collateral overadvances.

Acquisition finance is part of our DNA. And companies and deal sponsors trust us to help to minimize their equity contributions.

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You are growing your business. Signing new contracts, increasing sales or expanding into new markets. The opportunities have never been more exciting. But managing the cash flow implications of growth can be challenging.

But your current revolver may not be capable of growing with you. Won't accommodate those new receivables. Or deliver the capital you need when you need it. At PNC Business Credit, expansion financing includes flexible capital solutions tailored to your needs. Our consistent, reliable approach to lending gives our clients the ability to achieve ambitious growth goals.

If you're considering recapitalization, you understand that there's a difference between a structure that functions adequately and one that actually maximizes your opportunities. It takes more than balancing debt and equity. It means juggling revolver, term, senior vs. sub debt, equity, mezzanine and other variables.

You need a lender that can grow and adapt to a dynamic business environment. One that invests in your potential, not just your history. At PNC Business Credit, we help companies recapitalize so they can add capacity, fund acquisitions or gain market share by refocusing their businesses.

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Have covenants become a bigger issue in your business than you ever imagined? Are cash flows barely outpacing obligations? Do you feel that debt is stifling your potential? Many companies face challenges like these due to events beyond their control and find innovative strategies to turn the situation around.

At PNC Business Credit, we believe there should be value in where you're headed, not just where you've been. We find flexible capital solutions for situations like yours every day.

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